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    My name is Dr. Pia Cassik and I am the head of the pregnancy support and prenatal diagnostics department at Woman & Health. Woman & Health was founded for women and their health. In the heart of Vienna, we unite 16 disciplines and 28 specialists under one roof, working together across disciplines. In our private clinic, we perform day-clinic procedures in state-of-the-art surroundings. So that you can enjoy perfect service without long waiting times.

    I look forward to accompanying you on the way to your baby! 👶

    Your Dr. Pia Cassik
    and the Woman & Health Team

    Longing for a family.
    You want to get pregnant?

    Woman & Health accompanies you before, during and after your pregnancy. Unfortunately, the "before" often turns out to be more complicated than expected and can bring couples to the brink of despair. But this can be avoided.

    We offer a complete “one stop concept” for the clarification of you and your partners infertility. All organic causes of female infertility can be clarified painlessly under gentle short anesthesia in just one single examination. Once the cause has been found, the path is usually clear for a happy pregnancy.

    One Stop Fertility clarification

    The fertility clarification at Woman & Health is the first step towards a successful pregnancy and, in addition to a detailed consultation, includes the following examinations:

    • Uteroscopy – hysteroscopy
    • Detailed vaginal ultrasound to detect pronounced endometriosis, including in the area of the intestine and urinary bladder
    • Antral follicelcount – visualization of the ovaries and determination of the oocyte reserve
    • Tubal patency check by means of HyCoSy ultrasound

    Opening hours

    Monday to Thursday from 8:30 - 9 pm
    Friday from 8:30 - 20 h


    Laurenzerberg 2, 1010 Vienna
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    You want to get pregnant?

    An early and professional assessment is the key to a happy pregnancy.
    Call us on 01 5333 654 517 or make your appointment online!

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    360° Pregnancy

    You will take perfect care of your child.
    And we will take care of you.

    Pregnancy and birth belong to the most important phases in a woman's life. No time is as exciting as these nine months during which a child grows inside your belly.

    The medical team at Woman & Health has developed a unique concept to make your pregnancy a wonderful experience with the highest possible medical safety.

    Everything under one roof

    All blood draws, sugar load tests, infection smears, prenatal diagnostic examinations, internal examinations, etc. required during pregnancy, are conveniently performed at Woman & Health. Vienna's largest radiology center is also located in the same building.

    I look forward to accompanying you on the way to your baby!

    Your Dr. Pia Cassik
    and the Woman & Health Team

    Opening hours

    Monday to Thursday from 8:30 - 9 pm
    Friday from 8:30 - 20 h


    Laurenzerberg 2, 1010 Vienna
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    You’re looking for the perfect pregnancy support?

    At Woman & Health you are in the best hands. With over 15 years of experience and several hundred births year after year, we will accompany you safely until delivery.
    Call us at 01 5333 654 517 or make your appointment online!

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    The following tests are important during your pregnancy and can all be executed at Woman & Health:

    Dr. Pia Cassik

    “We have developed a unique concept to accompany you through the most exciting time of your life. We want to offer you the highest possible medical safety, advice and support so that you can fully concentrate on your pregnancy.”

    The most important stages of your pregnancy

    From the 7th to 12th week of pregnancy

    1st mother-child passport examination

    Congratulations to you. You are pregnant. Now an exciting journey begins. The Woman and Health team is happy to accompany you step by step. After the positive pregnancy test, the first mother-child passport examination is due.

    More about the 1st mother-child pass examination

    A vaginal ultrasound is used to assess whether the pregnancy has settled properly in the uterine cavity. Hereby it can be checked if it is a singleton or multiple pregnancy and the expected delivery date can be determined by measuring the size of the embryo.

    In addition, a blood test can rule out maternal diseases or defects. Also, your weight, blood pressure, and urinary findings will be recorded in the mother-child passport at each maternity checkup. The mother-child passport is a very important document that you should keep with you at all times, as it contains all the important information about you and your pregnancy.

    For example, in an emergency, medical staff will know your blood type, how far along you are in your pregnancy, or if it is a high-risk pregnancy. So from now on, in addition to your cell phone, keys and wallet, always remember your mother-child passport.

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    From the 10th week of pregnancy

    NIPT (Harmony test)

    An additional examination in early pregnancy is the so-called “Harmony test”. By means of a simple blood sample, fetal DNA, i.e. the child's genetic material, can be examined. Thus, chromosomal abnormalities can be detected at this early stage. The best-known chromosomal abnormality is Down Syndrome (trisomy 21). In addition, trisomy 13 and 18 as well as disorders of the sex chromosomes can be detected early on.

    More about the Harmony test

    A nice addition of this examination is that, if desired, it can help determine the sex of the child. It should be noted that this examination does not guarantee a healthy child. Unfortunately, as with any examination during pregnancy, not all diseases or disorders can be detected.

    However, if everything is in order during all of your checkups, you can look forward to a healthy baby with a very high probability. We will discuss all findings with you in detail and look forward to providing you with the best possible care based on our broad expertise and many years of experience.

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    11th to 14th week of pregnancy:

    First trimester screening

    This examination is a combination of an abdominal ultrasound and blood sampling. The ultrasound measures the neck thickness of the fetus. This is an accumulation of fluid in the neck area that is measurable in every child. If it is widened, this would be an indication of a malformation. The position of the nasal bone also gives such an indication.

    More about first trimester screening

    In addition, many things can already be seen at this early stage. For example, the brain, heart and extremities can already be assessed. Together with the concentrations of two placenta proteins in the blood and your own risk (such as age or family history) it is calculated how high your personal risk is in regards to a malformation or disease of the fetus. If you are at increased risk, we will discuss whether further tests would make sense.

    Initial indications that point to later preeclampsia, known as pregnancy poisoning, are also recorded. For this purpose, the blood flow in the uterine arteries as well as certain markers in the blood and the maternal blood pressure are measured. If there is an increased risk of pre-eclampsia, it can be prevented – for example, by taking aspirin.

    The pregnancy is then examined even more closely, as preeclampsia can still be life-threatening for mother and child. Fortunately, in most cases this additional examination remains a routine check and gives you peace of mind.

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    16th to 20th week of pregnancy

    2nd mother-child passport examination

    Wonderful! The first exciting weeks of your early pregnancy are over and the second mother-child passport examination is due. Now the growth of the child is checked. From the abdomen, the fetal head, abdomen and femur are measured by ultrasound and a formula is used to calculate the approximate weight of the fetus. In addition, the placenta and the amniotic fluid are assessed. Furthermore, the fetal sex can already be determined.

    More about the 2nd mother-child-pass examination.

    Your baby is supplied with oxygen and nutrients through the placenta. Maternal and fetal blood do not mix. The separate blood circulations come only close enough to each other in the placenta for all important substances to be exchanged. The amniotic fluid protects your baby and is important for the maturation of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs and kidneys.

    Transvaginal ultrasound is used to check whether your cervix is long enough to hold the pregnancy safely and whether the placenta is far enough away from the inner cervix so that the birth path is not blocked by it.

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    19th to 22nd week of pregnancy:

    organ screening

    Our ultrasound specialists will thoroughly check your baby from head to toe. It is amazing what you can see and assess with the latest ultrasound technology. From the individual brain structures to the lens of the eye to the kidneys, your baby's organs can be visualized. During this ultrasound, malformations or diseases can be detected, which may also be especially relevant with regard to the delivery.

    More about organ screening

    In the worst case, children may have a heart defect and need surgery right after birth. A cleft lip and palate may also be seen and infantile urinary retention is also quite common. After delivery, attention should be paid to fluid excretion and signs of inflammation in the babies.

    In such cases, we contact further outpatient clinics, so that you and your baby are closely monitored. Unfortunately, even after this examination there is no guarantee for a healthy child – but in most cases everything will be fine and you can simply be happy and enjoy the amazing possibility to see how detailed the organs of your baby can be displayed.

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    24th to 27th week of pregnancy:

    3rd mother-child passport examination

    Great, your pregnancy is well underway. It's time for your third mother-child passport exam. Your baby is slowly slipping into viability. This means if there was a premature birth, medics could already keep your baby alive in an incubator.

    More about the 3rd mother-child pass examination.

    The Vaginal or abdominal ultrasound is again used to assess the cervix and measure whether it is tightly closed for a sufficient distance to hold the baby in the womb. Abdominal ultrasound is used once more to determine the baby's weight, and additional measurement of blood flow in the umbilical cord can assess the baby's supply in the womb.

    To rule out gestational diabetes, a sugar load test is performed. This involves drinking a sugar solution on an empty stomach and three blood draws within 2 hours. Please come to this test fasting and do not eat or drink between blood draws. Your blood will also be tested for iron deficiency, toxoplasmosis and hepatitis B during this examination.

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    24th to 27th week of pregnancy:

    Internal examination

    A thorough internal examination takes place in combination with the blood glucose load test and the third maternal passport examination. Since you will be in our practice for several hours due to the timing of the blood draws, this time will be used to perform a thorough check-up.

    More about the internal examination

    The blood glucose load test checks whether the pancreas produces enough insulin during pregnancy to adequately regulate blood glucose levels. Gestational diabetes is rare and, if detected early, poses no risk to your baby. The whole procedure is as follows: You come to us on an empty stomach. This means that you must not eat anything, drink anything containing calories or smoke 6 hours beforehand. Three blood samples will then be drawn.

    After the first blood sample you will drink a sugar solution – after one hour and after two hours further blood samples will be taken. In addition to the blood sugar levels, the relevant parameters for the third maternal passport examination and the storage iron (ferritin) in the blood are also determined. During the internal examination, there will also be a medical interview, a physical examination, and an assessment of your immunization record. So bring plenty of time and perhaps a good book to read to this appointment.

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    29th to 33rd week of pregnancy:

    4th mother-child passport examination

    You have now already reached the fourth mother-child passport examination and the birth is getting closer and closer. The next few weeks should be used for birth preparation in the form of a course. This examination is mainly concerned with checking the child's growth. Again, an ultrasound is performed from the abdomen to assess the size and supply of the child.

    More about the 4th mother-child passport examination.

    Vaginal ultrasound again helps to exclude the risk of premature birth. However, each examination should not only be about making sure that everything is okay with your pregnancy. Your well-being should also be in the foreground. Everyone has individual wishes, needs or complaints. Please always address these. We are happy to assist you with our experience.

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    34th to 37th week of pregnancy

    5th mother-child Passport Examination

    You have almost made it – your pregnancy is coming to an end. You have already reached the fifth and last mother-child passport examination. The fetal weight and blood supply will be checked again. The amount of amniotic fluid and the appearance of the placenta also provide information about how well your child is still being cared for in the womb.

    More about the 5th mother-child-pass examination.

    Now that we are heading towards the birth, the position of the child in the uterus becomes important. We are happy to inform you what you can do in terms of natural birth preparations. In addition, especially if you are aiming for a natural birth, a streptococcus swab will be taken from the vagina. In the presence of streptococcus in the birth canal, you will be given a prophylactic administration of antibiotics during delivery. This will protect the child from any infection.

    At this point at the latest, you should clarify where and how you want to give birth. This depends not only on your pregnancy situation, but of course also on your wishes. Once this examination has been completed, everything that is important for your delivery will be documented in your mother-child passport. If we are not able to accompany you personally during your birth, we wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you after your delivery. Otherwise, we will be happy to support you during your exciting experience so that you can soon hold your little miracle in your arms.

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    The beginning of
    a new love

    Especially during pregnancy, women choose their gynecologist very carefully. Trust and a secure feeling as well as permanent and personal care by the gynecologist and midwife are enormously important during this phase. The Woman & Health gynecologist and midwife team fulfills this desire for continuity and will gladly accompany you personally and safely from the first week of pregnancy to the birth and into the postpartum period and the first year of your child's life.

    It is important for us to offer you a safe place in which mother and father, midwife and obstetrician form a familiar team to welcome the new life. Oriented on your individual needs, the Woman & Health team tries to shape your birth experience.

    While the expectant mother, with the help of the midwife and the father, actively participates in various phases of the birth, the doctor's first role is to monitor the progress of the birth and the child's vital signs. Equally important, of course, is the exact medical monitoring of the mother.

    Dr. Pia Cassik

    „As perfectly as nature has planned the newborn, we – the Woman & Health obstetrics team – try to plan this moment, which is so important for you, and to let you experience the birth with a lot of security.”
    40th to 42nd week of pregnancy:

    Individual birth support

    The birth of your child is a team effort in which your baby and you are the center of attention. Together we will make the decisions that may be necessary for the progress of the birth with great sensitivity. This includes, for example, the use of oxytocic drugs, painkillers or epidural anesthesia.

    More about obstetric care

    Ultimately, in dangerous situations for both mother and child, we will actively decide on the use of operative obstetric measures and ultimately carry them out precisely for the benefit of mother and child. For the obstetric team at Woman & Health, close cooperation between mother, father, midwife and the attending physician with the necessary mutual trust is extremely important.

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    One address.
    All services.

    At Woman & Health, you will find the perfect 360° service under one roof. From the desire to have a child, to pregnancy support, to the birth and, of course, the time afterwards.

    medical center

    We combine 16 disciplines and 28 specialists under one roof.

    opening hours

    Our center is open until 9 pm – and also on Saturdays.

    in the center

    Our locations are near Stephansplatz and Schwedenplatz.

    waiting times

    Uncomplicated online appointment scheduling and short on-site waiting times.

    24 hours
    emergency hotline

    We are always available for our patients, every day and every hour.


    Experience your baby in the belly in HD quality.

    PAP, HPV &
    infection smear

    Precise gynecological diagnostics for maximum safety.


    State-of-the-art prenatal diagnostic examination.


    Risk determination for Trisomy 21, 13 and 18

    Day hospital

    We have our own outpatient operating room with state-of-the-art equipment.

    Preventive care

    We offer general medical, dermatological & gynecological preventive care.


    We execute blood & urine tests in our own laboratory.

    About us

    From the 1st heartbeat
    to the 1st cry

    Dr. Nather and Dr. Seidel had the vision of Woman & Health. More than 15 years ago, the two gynecologists launched their private clinic in the heart of Vienna. Together with their team of specialists, they have dedicated themselves to female health in order to enhance women's quality of life through the best possible medical care.

    Dr. Pia Cassik has headed the department for pregnancy support and prenatal diagnostics at Woman & Health for over 5 years and is one of the most sought-after gynecologists in this field. She combines professional expertise with great empathy and always has an open ear for her patients.

    Pregnancy leads to many “first times”. Trust and a good feeling are just as important during this exciting time as the permanent and personal care provided by the gynecologist and midwife. Therefore our Woman & Health gynecologist and midwife team is available to expectant mothers around the clock – for every 1st time.

    Pia Cassik

    Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

    Main focus:

    • Prenatal diagnostics ÖGUM level 2
    • Care of high-risk pregnancies (growth retardation, gestational hypertension, diabetes mellitus, etc.)
    • Obstetric care and deliveries at the Döbling and Goldenes Kreuz Private Clinics
    • Maternity check-ups
    • General gynecology
    • Gynecological ultrasound

    Prim. Dr.
    Andreas Nather

    Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

    Main focus:

    • Desire for children
    • Classical gynecology and obstetrics
    • Endocrinology (hormone medicine) and anti-aging medicine
    • Plastic-aesthetic gynecology

    Johannes Seidel

    Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

    Main focus:

    • Hormone disorders & hormone therapy
    • Desire for children
    • Classical gynecology & obstetrics
    • Intimate surgery
    • Surgical gynecology

    Barbara Stoiber

    Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

    Main focus:

    • 3D/4D ultrasound
    • Pediatric and adolescent gynecology
    • Classical gynecology & obstetrics

    Alexander Just

    Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics

    Main focus:

    • Specialist in reproductive medicine and family planning
    • Gynecological endocrinology and hormone assessment
    • Reproductive screening and andrology


    We accompany you safely through your pregnancy.

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